Jharkhand: Destitute Munia, Basi and Neelmuni finally get shelter

These women would fill their stomachs with what they used to get by begging throughout the day and then look for a place where they could spend the night. But today, not only do these women have a shelter, they are also assured of a proper meal daily.

An official said that these women had come to eat at the ‘langar' held at the PP compound on Monday. They looked frail and helpless.

Upon noticing their condition, Atul Gera, a Ranchi-based social worker, tweeted and informed Chief Minister Hemant Soren about their situation.

Acting on Gera's tweet, Soren directed the Deputy Commissioner of Ranchi on Twitter: “Please make arrangements for these mothers to stay in old age homes.”

Gera told IANS that social worker Jyoti Bajaj provided Neelmuni, Basi and Muniya with daily essential items including clothes, medicine, slippers and at the initiative of the Chief Minister, these three women were sent to the old age home in Itki.

“On receiving the instructions of the Chief Minister, Basi, Munia and Neelmuni were given shelter. After years of walking bare foot, they were finally wearing slippers. Now, they will surely feel like living a dignified life… and have pride on their faces,” Gera said.

The Chief Minister's Office has said in a statement that Muniya, Basi and Neelmuni have reached the old age home at Itki in Ranchi. “Now, there is no need to go around begging on the streets of Ranchi. Arrangements for proper treatment have also been made here,” the statement said.

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