Jallad hands over ‘black box’ key to Tihar officers

While taking the key from Jallad, Jail Superintendent was also present.

Sources said Jallad took the two officers — the warden and the Superintendent — to a cell near the gallows wing. The two officers were requested to open an iron box. The officers found four closed cotton bags in the box. The officers found four ropes to be used for hanging the convicts, sources added.

The nooses were put back into the box and then Pawan Jallad took on a piece of paper the acknowledgement of the two officers about the ropes and the box’s key.

Sources said the box kept in the gallows wing of Cell Number 3 would be opened in the presence of the jailor, who would be accompanied by Jail Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent to pre-empt any doubt about the hanging.


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