Israel strikes Hamas facilities

Jerusalem, Aug 16 (IANS) Israeli aircraft on Sunday struck some Hamas-run military facilities in the Gaza Strip in response to launching incendiary balloons from the coastal enclave into Israel.

Hamas security sources said that Israeli reconnaissance drones and warplanes hovered over the besieged coastal enclave and fired several missiles targeting posts and facilities that belong to al-Qassam Brigades, the the Islamic movement's armed wing, reports Xinhua news agency.

The sources said that no injuries were reported, but the airstrikes caused severe damage to the facilities and destroyed some nearby houses in the Gaza Strip.

An Israeli army spokesman said in a statement that Israeli fighter jets attacked a military post and military infrastructure that belong to Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.

The statement said that all activities against Israel are severe, adding that the army will keep acting against those who harm the people.

Over the past days, unknown masked young men have been launching incendiary balloons from the Gaza Strip into Israel and some of the balloons carried small amounts of explosives.

Launching incendiary balloons into Israel caused large fires in the agricultural fields and farms in southern Israel and the vicinity of the border areas between Gaza and Israel.

In response, Israel has closed Kerem Shalom, Gaza's main goods crossing, halted fuel supply and reduced Gaza's fishing zone.

The Israeli government has held Hamas responsible for launching the balloons that caused fear to the populations and severe damage to the agriculture sector.



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