Ishita Dutta: Need to be more compassionate towards animals

Mumbai, June 12 (IANS) Actress Ishita Dutta says it is imperative to feed birds and animals amid the lockdown crisis, and be compassionate.

“It's imperative to feed birds and animals during this situation. I want to request everybody to feed the stray animals, keep a bowl of water outside. We need to be more compassionate towards them. Our planet is theirs too, so let's coexist,” Ishita said.


She is doing her part. She keeps a bowl of water outside her for stray animals, and was recently spotted feeding birds.

Meanwhile, after a short film “Kahaa Toh Tha” that Ishita made at home with husband, actor Vatsal Sheth, during the lockdown, the couple is now working on a music video. “Kahaa Toh Tha” marked Vatsal's directorial debut. The film, a love story, is about a middle class couple and the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic brings in their lives.



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