Indian firms keen on harnessing data: Ex-Adobe executive (Lead)

New Delhi, Sep 25 (IANS) Enterprises in India today not only command a much cleaner grasp of Artificial Intelligence (AI) but also have a better understanding of data security and a hybrid architecture model in delivering “individualised” customer experiences, ex-Adobe India senior executive Kulmeet Bawa has said.

Bawa, who worked as Managing Director of Adobe India and South Asia, has now joined omnichannel marketing solutions provider Resulticks as its Chief Operating Officer (COO) and President, JAPAC.

“We are, to put it simply, helping businesses use their data to the fullest extent possible, for audience segmentation, campaign orchestration, insights and beyond. It all starts with data,” Bawa told IANS.

As COO at Resulticks, his role is to drive the growth momentum globally, scale the business and address the latest demands for both B2B and B2C organisations for marketing automation.

For him, the India market has always been exciting.

“The country boasts of being one of the world’s fastest growing and largest economies. Given its vibrancy and dynamics, it presents unlimited opportunities for Resulticks, the world’s fastest growing real-time, omnichannel marketing automation solutions provider,” he noted.

Bawa, who quit Adobe in June, has earlier worked with Sun Microsystems and Microsoft.

“I have always said that the whole digital intent today — to harness the full potential that digital transformation and technology present — is not limited to any specific vertical or segment. It’s an intent shared by all,” he elaborated.

Resulticks has been built from the ground up by marketers, specifically for the age of experience.

The company, since its inception, has onboarded over 200 customers, serviced more than seven industries, built collaborative partnerships across six regions and delivered exceptional impact on revenue growth for major brands like Samsung and Estee Lauder.

One of the differentiators that sets Resulticks apart is that it is one of the only integrated platforms in the world with a customer data platform, or CDP.

“It helps consolidate, augment, analyse, and act on their data, delivering a 360-degree customer view and empowering end-to-end marketing automation needs,” said Bawa.

Resulticks is working across verticals — retail, BFSI, healthcare, travel and hospitality, telecom, consumer electronics, etc., and have solution packages for enterprises, mid-sized businesses as well as startups.

“We have already had tremendous success in the BFSI industry, and have onboarded brands like HDFC Bank, Royal Sundaram, UTI Mutual Fund, etc. We are now focusing on some of the larger enterprises and are in talks with some major conglomerates in India and globally,” Bawa told IANS.

According to him, Southeast Asia is a key region for the company.

“We are growing our presence and partner ecosystems in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, etc. to meet the growing demand for omnichannel marketing solutions,” he added.

The three pillars of the Resulticks solution — audience data management, communication orchestration, and AI & deep analytics — all have data as their foundation.

“As the demand for greater security regulation grows louder in India and beyond, especially in industries like banking and healthcare, Resulticks is well positioned to help organisations ensure their security readiness and regulatory compliance.

“We have data centres within the country, but more importantly, the hybrid option gives organisations all the advantages of a Cloud-based marketing solution while securing all customer and sensitive data on their premises,” explained Bawa.

Disclaimer:- The source of this news is IANS and has not been edited by TwistArticle staff.

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