India ranks 64th among 100 countries in mobile games experience

London, March 11 (IANS) Confirming that mobile games experience in India is indeed “poor”, a new report has found that India ranks 64th among 100 countries tested for gaming experience.

Mobile games players in India reported that they noticed a delay between their actions and the outcomes in the game, suggests the report by mobile analytics company Opensignal.

Opensignal quantified the real-world mobile games experience users have on mobile networks around the world on a 0 to 100-point scale.

With a score of 58.4, India ranked above countries like Pakistan and the Philippines, said the report titled “State of Mobile Games Experience”.

In Opensignal's new measure of multiplayer mobile games experience, Singapore took the gold medal with a score of 85.5.

It was followed by the Netherlands in second with a score of 85.4 on a 100 point scale, and Japan in bronze position scoring 85.3.

Mobile players enjoy an “excellent” games experience in only four countries. Besides Singapore, the Netherlands and Japan, the Czech Republic was the only other country where players enjoyed a premiere mobile gaming experience.

28 out of 100 countries the company analysed achieved an “excellent” or “good” mobile games experience.

But large esports markets, based on player earnings, underperformed.

Of the countries Opensignal analysed the US ranks top in esports earnings, but is placed 35th in mobile games experience.

Similarly, South Korea which is second in esports earnings placed 14th, far below the leading advanced markets.

For this report, Opensignal collected and analysed over 128 billion measurements, taken from over 37 million devices during a three-month period –October 2019 to January 2020.

This technical data was then combined with detailed feedback from players who tested a range of mobile games, including games such as battle royale style game: Fortnite, and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game: Arena of Valor.

From this primary research, Opensignal created a mean opinion score (MOS) model which characterises the exact relationship between real-world technical measurements and the actual gaming experience.

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