IIT Kanpur inaugurated a new thermal energey storage system in CESE building

IIT Kanpur has inaugurated a 775 TR HR thermal energy storage system in its Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering building.

The project was inaugurated by Professor Abhay Karandika, Director, IIT Kanpur.

According to IIT Kanpur, this technology is quite attractive in reducing the building air conditioning load and minimizing peak electricity demand in the system.

Professor Abhay Karandika said, “the above thermal storage system utilizes the latest concept of the use of phase change material with a Brine solution as a coolant which takes low-cost energy during off-peak period to achieve the coolant temperature up to -4 degree Celsius and supports the air conditioning load during peak period to the tune of 77.5 TR for 10 hours”.

” As well as, this also gives a significant result for energy saving that can be adopted in Smart City and data center applications”, Karandika added.

Ministry of Education (Government of India) has tweeted and wrote,” A huge step towards a #sustainable future! @IITKanpur's new #thermalenergy storage system, installed in the Centre for Environmental Science and Engineering (CESE) building, has a capacity of 775 turn/hour. Congratulations on this new addition, #IITKanpur!”

IIT Kanpur is leading a joint Indo-US project called UI-ASSIST on Smart Grid and Storage Technology funded by the Department of Science and Technology through Indo US science and technology forum New Delhi.

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