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How To Earn Money From YouTube Shorts? In-depth Explanation

Are you a YouTube creator? want to earn money from YouTube Shorts? Then you are not the single one as YouTube promoting short videos.

Looking towards the eagerness of Short video creation, almost every social media has tried to put short video creating a feature to their platform. YouTube, the biggest video-sharing platform, is no exception. Facebook, Instagram, and many other popular apps added the short video creating a feature to their platforms. For short videos, TikTok is still the most preferred platform for users because it was the first platform to introduce and boost the short video craze.  If you want to know the earning differences between YouTube and TikTok, you can read, TikTok Vs. YouTube – Which Is Better To Earn Money Online?

But, no matter what platform creators use the most, the one aspect is constant for all that is money. How can they earn money from the shorts videos? That is the primary goal of most content creators. In this article, we will talk about YouTube Shorts. As billions of people watch videos on YouTube on a regular basis, we can hardly find someone who has not heard of YouTube Shorts. But, we will provide in-depth knowledge on how to earn money with YouTube  Shorts. But, before that, let's understand in brief,

What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is a feature that allows users to create short videos for up to 15 seconds. Like most all other short video creating platforms, features such as various filters, music adding, speed control, and other functionalities have been given from the YouTube creator's perspective. To create Shorts videos or to watch them, no other application or platform is needed. On the YouTube application, a dedicated button has given to watch Shorts. YouTube has taken various measures to promote the short video feature on its mobile apps.

Can you make money from YouTube Shorts?

The answer is, of course, you can. In fact, many YouTube creators are already doing great with Shorts. Now, the viewers' interest and the advertising trends have also changed due to the short videos. There are plenty of ways you can make money from Shorts, but like all other methods on the internet, this is also likely to be a tough one.

YouTube has something exceptional. You can make money from your shorts videos directly. So, how to make money from YouTube Shorts?

Monetize your YouTube Shorts videos:

Your shorts videos are no different than the regular YouTube videos. With the Shorts videos, there are two things that are different, the aspect ratio and the duration. Your videos should be taken vertically with an aspect ratio of 9:16, whether you take with your smartphone's front camera or back camera. Apart from most other short video creating platforms, YouTube allows monetizing the short videos directly with the ads. But there are many myths stuck around shorts. Below, we are explaining everything in detail.

How do Shorts videos get monetize?

Many people still have doubt, does YouTube actually monetizes short videos or not. But YouTube does, but the ads are shown differently than the normal videos. If you closely observe the YouTube app, there is a dedicated YouTube shorts button has given where people can directly start enjoying the shorts videos there. People scroll down for new videos, and they start appearing. If your videos are being watched that way, you won’t make any money from your shorts either. Just like the regular videos appears as a suggestion. Then, which shorts are monetized? If viewers come to your channels and watch your Shorts videos, then you may see earnings from there.

Let’s come to a more interesting way.

Have you ever heard of YouTube’s reward of $100 million to the shorts video creators?

Rewards from YouTube for creators:

As there are many social platforms trying to fill up shoes in the short video market, how YouTube could be behind the scene. YouTube announced a couple of times ago to disburse $100 million as a reward to the shorts videos creators in the 2021-20222 season.

YouTube will take the creators of the topmost videos who would have the most engagements on their videos and will reward them on a monthly payment basis. There is a more interesting thing about this. Whether your channels have monetization enabled or not, you have full filled all the criteria to be monetized, and you can still make money from the funding. There are only two conditions on the table.

The first is your content has to be original, and the second thing is your shorts have to gain the highest engagements on YouTube.

Mind caring of the copyright:

Most of the Shorts of videos, whether you find them on Facebook, Instagram Reels, TikTok, or YouTube shorts, all have a common thing, they all have music in the background. There are options to add your preferred music to your shorts videos. Here you should care of the thing. If you are using someone else’s audio in your video then, your videos won’t be monetized for sure.


As mentioned earlier, Short videos are a new trend not only for viewers but also for businesses. As the YouTube server billions of views each day, it is an essential tool for marketers to promote their business. Not only now, but for a long time, influencers have had a significant impact on their fans. Now, if you have a huge audience base and people are enjoying watching your videos, you have a huge chance of getting sponsors. That is totally different from monetization but it is also a significant way to earn money from YouTube shorts. As there are many earning methods on YouTube, plenty of them is adaptable for shorts.

These are the earing options available from the YouTube shorts. Creators are more likely to see better results sticking to their niche instead of running around with different topics. As you only earn when your shorts are watched as videos, sticking on your niche would be better.

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