Heading out of home in France? Fill the form

Paris, March 17 (IANS) Heading out of your house in France? Don’t forget to fill out the form stating out the reason if you want to avoid a 135-euro fine.

According to the regulations that came in place at 12 noon local time (11 a.m. GMT), anyone heading out of home has to indicate one of the five approved reasons on the form, and carry it with them, the BBC reported.

The five reasons are commuting to work where working at home is not possible; trips to authorised shops for necessities; travel for health reasons; travel for urgent family reasons, to help the vulnerable or for childcare; and brief trips close to home for exercise on an individual basis and/or to exercise pets.

The form, titled ‘Attestation De Deplacement Derogatoire’, can be downloaded from the website of the Interior Ministry, but people can also indicate the reason on a sheet of plain paper, and this will be regarded as a sworn statement.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said the fine for transgressors would soon be set at 135 euros ($150).

According to the local media, 100,000 civil servants and soldiers will be deployed nationwide to carry out checks.



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