Govt not considering FORCE proposal, to act against Income Tax officers for leak

New Delhi, April 26 (IANS) A proposal by a group of Income Tax officers on tax proposals for revenue mobilisation under the lockdown is not under the consideration of the government, sources said.

Sources said the FORCE proposal which was leaked on Sunday is not being considered by the government.

The government will take stern action against those Income tax officials who acted overzealous and caused the leak.

Increasing the tax rates on the rich, levying a Covid cess, and increasing the surcharge on MNCs were among the measures suggested by a group of Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officers to boost revenue mobilisation as a response to the reduced economic activity and lower collections during the pandemic.

In a paper sent to the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), a proposal has been prepared jointly by a group of 50 Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officers of the Income Tax Department on policies and suggestions for meeting the challenges in the process.

“Working from home, they have come together to leverage their combined knowledge, experiences, and commitment to building a healthy, strong and prosperous India. The paper, titled ‘FORCE' though reflective of their young energy and idealism, stands for – Fiscal Options & Response to Covid-19 epidemic,” the IRS Officers Association said.



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