Google Stadia To Launch In 2019 For The US, Canada, UK, And Europe

Google Stadia Is A New Cloud Games Streaming Platform With Its Own Controller.

Google has launched its cloud-based game streaming platform called Google Stadia. It will be available in the US, UK, Canada, and Europe later this year.

Stadia isn’t a new console or a suite of hardware, but rather a service that will allow users to play games on virtually. Stadia will allow the players to stream video games to any screen- phone, tablet, TV, or computer. Furthermore, Stadia may have deep integration with Google Assistant and YouTube, permitting customers to entry the video games. During the GDC 2019, Google shows how you would watching a trailer for Assassin’s creed odyssey. Stadia players will have to click on just one button- “Play Now” and they would be able to play that game without any download or install. In addition, Google has been expanding their range through various activities. Recently they Bolo App in India to improve learning skill.

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The features of Google Stadia controller

Apart from launching the cloud-based game streaming platform. The stadia has included a host of buttons that are designed to enhance a gamer’s overall experience. It is actually connects via Wi-Fi to the game you are playing. It has with two sticks, triggers, face buttons, and function buttons that allow instant clip-sharing and Google Assistant activation. Stadia is capable of streaming games in 4K resolution at 60 frames per seconds with HDR and surround sound. Google also claims that the resolution can support up to 8K. Stadia will also be fully integrated with YouTube, where gaming content is among the most popular on the site, watched by hundreds of millions of people every day. Google demonstrated a button that will let users watching video game footage on YouTube instantly click to play the game themselves. In this case, YouTube Games will be able to create new challenges for viewers.

Stadia is Google’s own first-party games which will be led by Jade Raymond, founder of Ubisoft Toronto and executive producer on the Assassin’s Creed series.

The pricing and availability of Stadia

The company does not reveal the price at the moment. Perhaps it will be available in select countries including the US, Canada, UK and much of Europe later this year. But there is no word available when the service will arrive in India.

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