Google makes it easier to find live TV, sport shows in Search

San Francisco, Aug 14 (IANS) Google has added new features in its Search where users can quickly find live sports and TV shows.

Currently available in the US, people will see live TV options for MLB (Major League Baseball) and NBA games.

Google said it will integrate more leagues in the future.

“You can also find live TV options by searching for the individual team or game.” The company said in a statement on Thursday.

Last year, Google added a new way to find TV shows and movie recommendations in Search.

Starting this week, “we're enhancing this feature by adding carousels of live content from cable and broadcast providers. These recommendations will show content on live TV so you can keep track of everything that's available to you,” said Google.

When you search for things like “what to watch” or “good shows to watch” on mobile, you'll now have visibility into both streaming and live TV shows.

The “On TV now” carousel shows people programming across multiple channels that's currently airing, while “On TV later” shows them recommendations for future programming.



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