Google Books has Material Theme, better search integration

San Francisco, Oct 18 (IANS) Google Books has redesigned itself with better Search integration and ‘Material theme’ as the service turns a year older.

“Fifteen years ago, Google Books set out on an audacious journey to bring the world’s books online so that anyone can access them.

“Libraries and publishers around the world helped us chase this goal, and together we’ve created a universal collection where people can discover more than 40 million books in over 400 languages,” Haimin Lee, Product Manager, Google, wrote in a blog post on Thursday.

The redesigned version of Google Books makes each title’s most pertinent information easier to access and it puts details in neat little boxes to make them simpler.

“We’ve redesigned Google Books so people can now quickly access details like the book’s description, author’s history and other works, reader reviews and options for where you can purchase or borrow the book. And for those using Google Books for research, each book’s bibliographies are located prominently on the page and the citation tool allows you to cite the source in your preferred format, all in one spot,” said Lee.

Another nifty feature could also search for key phrases or excerpts within works.

“With Google Books, you can search for key phrases or excerpts within books, and we’ll show you where it’s from, down to the page number and paragraph,” Lee added.

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