Give your home a regional makeover

Put on your decor glasses as Ashwini Vaidya Gupte from SPACES and Saloni Khosla, Head of Spatial Design, Pepperfry help you curate a destination-inspired abode in a jiffy.

The Goan flair<br>A Goan inspired home reflects elements of serenity, simplicity and pastoral charm. Its culture is a mix of ethnicities and an interesting blend of Portuguese and Indian elements. Other than palm-fringed beaches, vibrant nightlife, scenic views and eclectic flea markets, rattan/cane/wicker is a well-celebrated material in almost every Goan home. Add a touch of it to your living room or patio with a rattan rocking armchair and pair it with throws and cushions in nautical hues to create that beachy feel. If you want to go all out with the materials then opt for rattan tables, sofa, ottoman et al. Or else you can complement your rattan accent furniture with rustic light brown furniture items.

Take the tropical vibe a notch higher by adding a few palm plants and large leaf potted plants to the space. Another must-haves in Goan homes are Azulejos print ceramic tiles. Hang these up in clusters of 3-4 or more on your wall to add some buoyancy to the wall. Bring out those old antiques and curios from the attic and flaunt them by displaying it on your console table or TV unit.

Let the warmth and serenity flow in your bedroom; add a canopy with sheer white fabrics on the bed and compliment this setup with plants on both sides of the bed to create the ideal Goan boudoir. Opt for an eccentric pendant light fixture with warm lights, which irradiates the room with its glow. Build onto the coziness further with a rug in earthy tones.

Since homes in Goa are a little on the maximalist edge, opt for colored or patterned cemented floor tiles to incorporate the old-world charm. For the overall colour palate pair neutrals with bright colours like striking red or beachy teal.

Nama-slay from Tamil Nadu<br>Tamil Nadu is home to a culturally rich and linguistic inheritance that reflects in the traditions, lifestyle and homes. Decor and home designs from South Indian homes is the best way to cherish the prosperous heritage of India in our contemporary spaces.

Lend a homely Tamilian vibe to the space by dousing your abode in earthy neutrals. Opt for colours like mustard yellow and beige for the living room and cadet blue or mint green for the bedroom. Add some coziness to the space by layering the windows with sheer/airy curtains in neutral colours.

A classic feature of Tamilian homes are the wooden swings and furniture with low seating. It's time to do away with those plastic chairs and bring in dark wood diwans in low seat design and majestic wood swings to the living room. Compliment the accent with turquoise or white silk cushions and throws. Let the South Indian flamboyance span across your abode by bringing in furniture in dark mahogany wood with cabriole legs for your bedroom, dining area and other spaces as well. Adorn your accent wall with Tanjore paintings, a classical South Indian art, which is distinguished by its gold coating.

Brass fixtures and coppers bowls are also very common in Tamilian homes, offering a warm and magnificent glam to its surrounding. Thus, without further ado, add some dazzling fixtures like copper vases, brass taps to brighten up the surroundings. Complete the setup by illuminating the space in Tamilian finesse. Radiate a warm glow through a cascade of lit diyas or candles on intricately carved gold candle stands, which are placed across the house drowning the entire space in a calming yellow light.

Heaven on Earth – Kashmir<br>Kashmir the crown of India, is a popular destination for domestic and international tourists. Bring home the vibrancy of the enigmatic valleys, enthralling beauty of the snow covered mountains and the everlasting charm and calmness of the Dal Lake. Infuse your home with the Persian vibe defined by rich fabrics and vibrant colours.

Curate a plush and serene amalgamation of Modern and Mughal inspired elements that will emanate luxury in your space. Create a striking statement with a wooden red coloured sofa, accessorize it with a fur blanket and plump cushions. Adorn the corner of your living room with a Mughal painting placed on a wooden easel, complete this look by placing white ceramic planters on either side. Spread out rugs inspired by Persian art and place floor cushions on it to create a cozy space.

Decorate the walls of your bedroom by placing mirrors that come with carved wooden frames that are synonymous to the ornamental walnut wood carvings of Kashmir. Decorate this space further by placing carved wooden artifacts on the side table. Embrace the elegant art forms of Kashmir, by styling your bedroom with bed sheets bearing floral or paisley themed designs, inspired by the traditional art form of Kashmir, or using fabrics with Aari work and handcrafted jewellery boxes would evoke the warmth of this magical land.

The Pattern-al-bliss of Rajasthan<br>The home ground to the Pink City and Blue City of India, Rajasthan is defined by its rich folkarts and crafts and the diverse alluring royal beauty of the monuments. Bring home the Rajasthani opulence and make your home vibrant.

Curate a colourful canvas defined by emerald green, royal blue, bright yellow. Opt for a maximalist wallpaper in the colour blue with an ethnic design, this will make for a stunning backdrop and bring that traditional feel to your living room. Opt for the vibrant tie-dye styles of cushion covers on either a low diwan or spread out a bright hued rug on the floor to complement the royal setup. For the bedroom, opt for regal carved wooden chair to mimic the vibrancy of Rajasthan.

Decorate the wall with a mirror that has jharoka utilized as a design feature. You can also opt for traditional lamps that can be mounted on the walls and explore metal hanging lamps for that regal vibe. Spread out bedsheets with designs inspired by the traditional art form of Rajashtan like Meenakari accompanied by colorful cushions in pink or orange. Alternatively you can use bandhani fabrics as bed covers with mirrored cushions in regal colors of emerald green or peacock blue.

With these hacks, it is possible to relive and revive in the ambience of your preferred Indian holiday spot, without actually stepping out and while still giving your abode a touch of new!

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