FireEye ‘Digital Threat Monitoring’ to secure your digital footprint

Washington, Oct 9 (IANS) Global cyber security company FireEye on Wednesday announced the availability of “Digital Threat Monitoring” — a new service for customers to defend their digital footprint.

The service will automatically collect and analyze content on the dark and open web, alerting defenders whenever a potential threat is detected.

By exposing threats early, organizations can more effectively identify breaches, exposures, and digital threats before they escalate – without adding operational complexity for the current security team.

“FireEye has a long track record of providing threat intelligence to organizations and governments that view threat intelligence as a critical capability. In fact, the depth and breadth of our collection sources means that FireEye holds the most mature underground monitoring capabilities in the business,” said Sandra Joyce, SVP of Global Intelligence at FireEye.

The “Digital Threat Monitoring” service offers a one-time assessment performed over 30 days using customer-selected keyword queries.

At the end of the timeframe, FireEye will deliver a single report with insights and analysis regarding all the identified threats.

It will also offer a subscription-based service that provides continuous monitoring and alerting to customer-selected keyword queries.

Digital Threat Monitoring Advanced servicc will include 40 annual investigations performed by FireEye intelligence analysts.

“Digital Threat Monitoring Enterprise” service will offer double the number of FireEye intelligence-led investigations for a total of 80 annually.

“We’re reducing risk by helping internal security teams extend their reach so they can focus on the most immediate threats to their organizations. This return in investment (ROI) benefit is easy to understand for business leaders outside of security,” Joyce added.

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