Film on ‘Queen of Oudh’ to be out soon

Mumbai, Sep 2 (IANS) Actress Akriti Singh is all set to come up with a feature film, Toofan Mail, which is based on events of 1970s, when a woman took up residence on a platform in New Delhi Railway station, proclaiming herself the Begum of Oudh.

“I was intrigued by the story a woman who arrived at New Delhi railway station claiming to be the Queen of Oudh, seeking to meet Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and demanding to be allotted a palace to live in. So, I tried to re-live the story on screen with a fictional take,” Akriti told IANS.

“I got to know about this story from a play, and since then I started reading about it. I even spoke to railway employees to get an understanding. Of course, several articles on the internet helped me a lot,” she added.

Akriti claims that there is no political angle involved in her film.

“No political angle has been involved in my movie. All the incidents are real but I don't take a side. It's a fictional film,” she said.

“Toofan Mail” features Akriti with Surya Rao and Arshad Mumtaz. Apart from playing the central role, Akriti has also directed and edited the movie. She plans to release the film in a month or two.



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