Facebook Revels That 50 Million Accounts Have Been Hacked

On Friday Facebook expressed that a major security breach has happened. Unknown hackers have hacked over 50 million Facebook accounts.

Day by day as we are engaging in the virtual world hacking is becoming a huge issue. This time this hacking has happened with Facebook users. Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook chief executive said that engineers discovered the breach on Tuesday and they solved that issue on Thursday.

The statement also came from Zuckerberg that, “We don't know if any accounts were misused,” “This is a serious issue.”

The company said that this latest hack was done through a Facebook’s “View As” feature. That feature lets people see how their profiles appear to others. The hackers used that vulnerability to steal “access tokens,” that are similar digital keys. This feature allows the users to log into their Facebook account without entering the password automatically.

To ensure the user's safety Facebook has temporarily stopped this “View As” feature.

Facebook is investigating that they don’t know yet if any of the accounts that were hacked and information from the reports were already misused. It is unclear who was behind the attack or were they based.

As a precaution, Facebook has logged out the 50 million accounts which were breached. The company says the users of those accounts don’t need to change their password.

Facebook has worlds one of the toughest security systems nevertheless in 2016 tens of millions of users Cambridge Analytica hacked personal data. Now, this hacking brings a big question to the Facebook user’s data.

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