Facebook Plans To Educate 5 Million Indians In Digital World By 2021

Facebook Company announced that facebook app is planning a program to train five million people. The program is digital skills for small businesses.

The social networking app Facebook has already trained one million people across 150 cities and 48,000 villages with support from 50 partners. The companies’ main aim is to help small businesses gain digital marketing skill.

‘Ankhi Das’ the Facebook’s Public Policy Director, India, South, and Central Asia, told reporters We have a robust framework of the partnership with local partners and state governments. Beside of that the company also works closely with the Ministry of Skill Development And Entrepreneurship on digital training. She also told that we are very excited that our programmes such as BoostYourBusiness. That is run in partnership with State and Central Government, civil society and private institutions.

The Process of Digital Marketing Skills on Facebook:

The training modules for these businesses in digital marketing skills and online safety developed by Facebook are available in 14 local languages. The social networking app Facebook wants to training this programmes with simple lessons that help to build a digital presence and avoiding expensive fees for creating and hosting websites. Focus on the growing mobile economy, gain market access by learning to market their products to more than two billion people globally — those who are using Facebook app, to increase awareness about their products and services. The training programmes for India will also help people learn how to utilize the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform on Instagram.

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Increasing expansion of Digital Marketing Skills on Facebook:

Facebook app gradually expands their program. And it had been reached 29 states in India, including Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Odisha and Rajasthan among others. Also, the Facebook application work on job listings enables businesses and empowers youth to find jobs even in remote geographies.
Finding on a recent survey, more than 80 percent small and midsize business increase their sales to the global and local market on Facebook application platform. Ms. Das said this result showed that people are doing business on the social networking platform in an excellent way. So, this fact inspires them to look at training 5 million people and entrepreneur must be needed digital skills by 2021.

Facebook Prevent fraudulent or exaggerated Claims:

The Facebook Company would take strict action when somebody complains of Facebook application. Moreover, customers should examine the truthful of the claims made on the Facebook application. Unlike in other e-commerce platforms, real transactions do not happen on Facebook. The platform is primarily being used for increasing product awareness.
The company said when somebody comes to dealing with misinformation on the platform. Then he/she would be breaking the Facebook primarily term and condition. This time of case the Facebook application would remove the content which causes harm to individuals.
Ms. Das also said that Facebook is aggressively fighting for the fake account, fake page views. In the last two quarters, Facebook has been removed more than 1.5 billion counterfeit accounts.

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