Emergency dental procedure permitted in Red Zone: Ministry

New Delhi, May 19 (IANS) The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Tuesday issued an advisory for dental professionals in Covid-19 pandemic situation.

According to the guidelines, in the Red Zone emergency dental procedures can be performed, while dental clinics will remain closed in the Containment Zone.

The Ministry, however, said they can continue to provide tele triage. “Patients in this zone can seek ambulance services to travel to the nearby COVID dental facility,” said the ministry.

It also said that the dental clinics in Orange and Green Zones will function to provide dental consultation but dental operations should be restricted to emergency and urgent treatment procedures only.

The Ministry stated that all routine and elective dental procedures should be deferred for a later review until the issuance of new policy or guidelines.

“Due to the high risk associated with the examination of the oral cavity, oral cancer screening under the National Cancer Screening program should be deferred until new policy or guidelines are issued,” said the Health Ministry.

It also said Sufficient and dedicated space for storage of additional items of PPE and sterilisation and disinfection instruments and chemicals must be ensured in the dental operatories.



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