Dalmia Cement launches a new digital campaign ‘Apni Personal Space’

India: Dalmia Cement, a leading Indian Cement brand, today launched a digital campaign- Apni Personal Space- which focuses on consumers’ lives during the coronavirus-induced lockdown.

The campaign is led by two digital films- which focus on the family life of two couples, and how they see their present and future, of living together with the challenges and joys of being at home for a prolonged period. The campaign’s main insight, ‘It’s not just about staying together, but staying together, happily’ drives the narrative forward.

Pramesh Arya, Executive Director- Marketing, Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Limited, said, “The last few months have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all of us. During our field teams’ outreach efforts, we learned consumers around the country have already been thinking about how to make their homes future-ready. All of us are thinking about our quality of life in a new manner today, and Dalmia Cement’s promise of Future Today will help consumers take this thought forward in their home building journey.”

Neeraj Sancheti, CEO and Co-founder, Kreativ Street, the brand’s digital agency which conceptualized the campaign said, “This campaign brings alive Dalmia Cement’s core promise, Future Today, in the context of the evolved need of housebuilders today. With more and more people working from home, the need for personal space is a real thing now. It not just affects work but also everyone’s mental peace. Based on this insight, we crafted these two films to start the conversation around the need for personal space”

Over the lockdown period, and the various Unlock phases, the brand has offered a complete suite of services to consumers virtually, helping continue and start construction at a time when labor shortage, local lockdowns, and other challenges have impacted homebuilding. With the lockdown easing, construction is rapidly picking pace in regions with low infection rates. The increasing availability of labor in most markets has also helped.

The campaign is live on YouTube, Facebook, and other digital channels, and the brand is also rolling out a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy to increase engagement. Consumers will be asked to share their own #ApniPersonalSpace stories through the campaign website site and the brand’s social media channels as they make plans for their future homes.

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