‘Crossy Road Castle’ is the latest addition to Apple Arcade

San Francisco, Feb 28 (IANS) Apple Arcade has added ‘Crossy Road Castle' an endless runner-style game from developer Hipster Whale.

Crossy Road Castle is still an endless runner, but instead of crossing a busy street full of cars, player traversing an endlessly high castle tower full of obstacles and enemies, The Verge reported Thursday.

The game supports up to four-players at a time and it can also be played with either touch controls or a controller.

The goal of the game is to climb as high into the castle as possible and it will also receive regular updates with new characters and towers to be added.

Recently, Apple revealed “Ultimate Rivals” from Bit Fry Game Studios, a new sports game franchise that brings together athletes across hockey, basketball, football, baseball and soccer into a single officially licensed video game, a first in sports and gaming.

In “Ultimate Rivals: The Rink”, the first title in the franchise, players choose from more than 50 superstar athletes to compete in exciting two-on-two hockey matches.

The subscription-based gaming service provides iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac users with access to over 100 games with no in-app purchases or ads for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

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