COVID-19: Sunder Nagar first market to be closed till Mar 31

New Delhi, March 18 (IANS) While the government has been advocating for no panic regarding the outbreak of coronavirus, the upscale Sunder Nagar market, which is known for its jewellery and lavish handicraft products, has decided down shutters till March 31.

A notice issued by the market association said, “In view of the present epidemic situation due to coronavirus disease we feel that we should close down our shops till March 31st.”

Speaking to IANS, the president of the market association Komal Jain justified the move as he said, “What panic, safety has to come first and at no cost we can compromise with our customers who are mostly foreigners.”

He added that the traders were free to use home delivery method for customers but no face-to-face dealing is advised in the market.

“If your customer can send you pictures of items required you are free to provide the item through delivery but no face-to-face contact is suggested,” Jain said.

He added that in 80 years since the market started, it is the first time that it will remain closed for such a long period.

Sunder Nagar market is known for its expensive handmade jewellery and lavish handicrafts. The market lies next to Delhi Zoo.



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