‘Coronavirus may be killing humans but healing everything else’, says Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, considered to be the Queen of Controversy in Bollywood is once again top in the news on this coronavirus situation.

She took to Twitter making statements like coronavirus is killing humans but healing everything else. Her recent statements on Twitter have evoked strong reactions from the people.

The Panga actress tweeted, “Today humans are traumatised by self made virus which they used to bring each other’s economies down. Some may agree with what I say some may not but one thing no one can deny is that the Earth is healing, virus may be killing humans but healing everything else”.

In a separate tweet, the actress shared some tips to heal the earth. She wrote, “Let’s be gentle to her 1) each one of us must plant 8 trees a year 2) stop breeding like rabbits 3) avoid single used plastic 4)Don’t waste food 5) be aware of idiots around you take responsibility cause you could be living wisely but if not handled they will destroy you”.

Kangana has a lot of likes on this tweet. Many agree with the actress. However, some Twitterati showed their displeasure on the social media platform accusing her of “romanticizing” this pandemic which proved to be fatal for countless lives.

Meanwhile, India reported, 2 lakh 73 thousand 810 people have been infected with COVID-19 in the country in 24 hours.

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