Congress cries foul after govt promulgates ordinances in lockdown

New Delhi, June 26 (IANS) The Congress has been critical of the government for running away from parliamentary oversight and has demanded a virtual parliament session.

The Congress is miffed with government promulgating 11 ordinances during lockdown since March 31.

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said, “Taking advantage of Covid-19, the government yesterday passed the 11th ordinance to be brought into force since Parliament adjourned on March 23. See the table listing all the ordinances so far.”

“Are we still a Parliamentary democracy? Who in the media will ask the real questions?” tweeted Tharoor.

As per PRS on March 31 the government issued an ordinance on taxation and other laws. In April government issued 5 ordinances including the Epidemic Diseases Ordinance 2020.

On June government issued another 5 ordinances including the essential commodities ordinance and the insolvency and bankruptcy code.

Congress leader Manish Tewari commenting on the Parliament session said “this government has walked the extra mile in order to hide behind rules, in order to escape Parliamentary oversight.”

“This is nothing short of emasculation of Parliament. I can understand that you cannot possibly convene a full session of Parliament, though the Parliaments are meeting virtually around the world,” added Tewari.

While he said Great Britain is an example, in Portugal the Parliament has met virtually, but why can't the Standing Committee of Defence meet and why can't the Consultative Committee on Defence meet, why can't the standing committee on Health meet?

“It is unfortunate that the presiding officers of both the houses should have walked the extra mile in order to prevail upon the government, and not try and subvert Parliament in this manner and escape Parliamentary oversight,” said Tewari.



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