Cong forces removal of signage in Amethi

Amethi, June 5 (IANS) A signage that carried a remark about Maharana Pratap was removed on Thursday night after Congress leader raised objections and alleged that the state government was showing disrespect to the king who has become a symbol of Thakur pride.

Congress MLC Deepak Singh, who sent a letter to the district administration in this regard, said, “The hoarding said that time is supreme and it even made a king (Maharana Pratap) eat ‘rotis' made of grass. The message hurt the sentiments of the community and we sought removal of the same.”

The hoarding, put up in Jagdishpur area, was taken down later in the night.

Deepak Singh said, “It is a fact that Maharana Pratap did eat rotis made of grass, but the incident demonstrated his strong self-respect. After the battle of Haldighati, Maharana Pratap and his family took refuge in the forest. Maharana Pratap had nothing to eat but he chose to eat rotis made of grass instead of bowing before his opponents.” he added.

Meanwhile, state minister Suresh Pasi, who belongs to Amethi, said that the signage had been put up by mistake and there was no intention to hurt anyone.



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