Commercial LPG cylinder price hiked by Rs 266

Ahead of Diwali, LPG prices for commercial cylinders were increased by Rs 266 per cylinder on Monday. After this hike, the commercial cylinder price in Delhi has crossed Rs 2,000.50 from Rs 1,734 earlier.

However, there was no increase in the price of domestic LPG cylinders.

According to the media report, in Kolkata, the price of a commercial LPG cylinder is now Rs 2,073.50. In Mumbai, a 19 kg commercial cylinder sold at Rs 1,683, will cost Rs 1,950 after today's hike. In Chennai, commercial cylinders will be sold at Rs 2,133 after the hike.

Keeping in view the rising prices of crude oil, it is expected that domestic LPG cylinder prices may cross the Rs 1,000 mark soon.

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