Commencement of trial operation of fly ash disposal system at NCL Gorbi Mine void by NTPC Vindhyachal

Mumbai: The trial operation of the fly ash disposal system at Gorbi mine void (Pit-1) was successful on 30th June’21. Fly ash from the bulker was transported by pressurized Air to a Hydro mix chamber and converted to slurry for dumping in the Pit.

The trial was successfully done in presence of ED (Vindhyachal), GM (NCL), GM (O&M), GM (Operation), GM (HR), GM (ADM), GM (MM), GM (Chem), CMO, and Other senior officials. Various members from NTPC were also present to mark this historic event.

It will open up a major opportunity to develop the abandoned mine in an Environment-friendly manner for possible future use by Humanity and for utilization of ash. This mine pit was abandoned in 1996-97.

MOU between NTPC Vindhyachal and NCL was signed in Jan-2019 and after carrying out various kinds of environmental studies and obtaining clearances from various statutory authorities, the required ash disposal equipment was installed and the trial could be accomplished.

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