Come out from fascination of rating agencies: Rahul to PM

New Delhi, March 17 (IANS) Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday mounted fresh attack on the central government on the state of the Indian economy after the spread of the coronavirus. The Congress leader alleged that the Prime Minister should come out from the fascination of the rating agencies and do something to revive the economy.

“Prime Minister is more concerned about what will Moody’s or S&P or Trump will say,” said Rahul Gandhi, adding, “I am not concerned about what they say but the Prime Minister should come out and do something but the Prime Minister has put his head in the sand and is not willing to accept the problem.”

The Congress leader has been attacking the government on the economy and had said that the benefit of falling oil prices should be passed on to the consumers. On Monday, he raised the question of wilful defaulters and asked the government to name the top 50 of them. Rahul Gandhi alleged that the government did not answer his question.

Rahul Gandhi said on Monday, “The Indian economy is going through a very difficult period. Our banking system is practically not working any more. Banks are failing. And I think more banks are going to fail as a result of the current global situation. The central cause of this failure of banks and the central cause of unemployment is the hollowing out. This is because of stealing of money from the banks by a large number of people.”

There was a brief verbal discussion between Gandhi and the Speaker when the Congress leader was directed by the chair to come to the point and not try to speak like an “advocate”.



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