Clensta launch a hygienic waterless body and bath range from defense personnel to everyone

IIT Delhi incubated Clensta has launched a waterless body and bath range which makes hygiene accessible from defense personnel to everyone.

Clensta's waterless body bath and shampoo can be used by defense personnel, patients, elderlies, and adventure enthusiasts to take baths without water while maintaining proper hygiene.

According to the company, Clensta lotions can also be used to kill the COVID-19 virus from the surface of the skin. It also claims that the lotion is effective in keeping one safe from any pathogen for 24 hours.

All of Clensta's products are US FDA approved.

Clensta's products are available in various pharmacies across India with a presence in major hospitals in Delhi, including AIIMS, Medanta, RML, etc. Its products are widely accepted in the DRDO, Indian Army, and Indian Navy as well.

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