Celina Jaitley: Felt extremely weak after giving birth to twins

Mumbai, May 15 (IANS) Actress Celina Jaitley says she used to feel “extremely weak” after giving birth to her twins, adding that weight training helped her a lot post pregnancy.

“When I gave birth to my first set of twins, I realized that after delivery a woman’s body becomes very weak and we need to take special care of ourselves. I was low on vitamins, energy, bone density, and calcium,” Celina said while recalling her pregnancy period.

“I would feel extremely weak, especially since I gave birth to twins. Weight training helped me a lot post pregnancy. Not just in keeping me fit but to also continuously keep me strong. Weight training increases muscle quantity in your body which is very, very good for health,” she added.

She continued: “Weight training or even lifting heavy objects helps in increasing bone density and it prevents effects of arthritis. But it should be done post-delivery and after receiving the go-ahead from your doctor. It is very good for health and something I practiced after both my pregnancies.”

Talking about her workout experience, she said: “Fitness is all about a fit mind, body and your soul. While you work out, it is important to focus on all the three aspects.”

Celina opened up about her post-pregnancy workout regime on the show “Fit & Famous” on Tata Sky Fitness. The interview will go live on May 17 and May 31.



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