Car sanitize: New biz in town

New Delhi, May 20 (IANS) While the Delhi government reopened the doors for earning and restoring economic growth, after two months of lockdown as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to surge, people are innovating ways to earn their bread as old sources have shut shop.

A group of men — Bharat Anand, Mukesh Kumar, Rahul Ekka, Rahul Kumar, who were earlier running a car workshop, decided to go with the flow as Delhi roads saw a more cars with new norms in Lockdown4.0. All kinds of vehicles would need to be sanitized to remain on road — the four men saw it as a chance to restart.

“We thought of restructuring our business — Perfect Dirt Cleaners — wasn't giving fruitful outcomes since the pandemic broke out and lockdown came in place. We saw someone doing the same in Rohini but he was doing it with a smaller and manual machine, we had a larger and automated machine so we thought why not start it on a larger scale,” Bharat Anand told IANS.

This is the best way to keep the people safe during the pandemic because the COVID-19 virus is spreading rapidly, he added.

The process of sanitisation usually takes 15 minutes for two wheeler and 20 minutes for four wheeler. The customer with a two wheeler has to pay Rs 20 and for four wheeler Rs 50.

“To keep ourselves safe while doing the procedure we wear masks, gloves, face shield and PPE kits. We also have rubber gloves for extensive protection. After the day ends, we dispose the used protective gear carefully following the biohazard waste disposal procedure,” Anand said.

The national capital regained its busy buzz on Tuesday after the Delhi Chief Minister announced new norms of lockdown giving relaxations in terms of doing business and also the resuming of the public transport.



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