BSES, Schneider Electric ink MoU to boost safer, smarter power usage

New Delhi, Jan 27 (IANS) With a view to promote power consumer safety and sustainable growth, Delhi distribution company (discom) BSES Yamuna Power Ltd (BYPL) on Monday announced it has signed an MoU with French energy major Schneider Electric designed to make electricity usage safer, smarter and sustainable, using cutting-edge technology and creating awareness.

A BSES release said the MoU will be realised through two programs and by working closely with Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs), Industrial Welfare Associations and nominated local electricians in east and central Delhi areas under BYPL jurisdiction.

The first programme focuses on preventing electrical mishaps through electrician trainings

“For this, a unique training program will be launched for the local electricians and those nominated by RWAs. Under the day-long interactive sessions, the electricians will be sensitised and educated on various issues relating to internal house wiring, prevention of short circuits and electrical fires, importance of installing ELCBs/RCCBs, sharing of the best industry practices and latest developments like home automation,” BSES said.

The updated list of these trained electricians will uploaded on BSES website and mobile app, the statement said.

Under the second programme focusing on home automation solutions for consumers and preventing electrical shocks, the consumers will be offered a range of attractively priced safety and home automation products.

“Through the ‘Easy Home’ Schneider range of home automation solutions, consumers will be able to convert their ‘normal’ home into a ‘smart’ one by converting every switch and appliance into a connected device (Internet of Things ready). Through this, consumers will be able to control their appliances and switches remotely from anywhere through their mobile phone. Also, the smart sensors will automatically turn off the lights in a room, the moment it is empty.

“To demonstrate the technology, a pilot will also be undertaken, where selected houses will be made ‘smart'”, BSES said.

“Consumers will also be offered attractively priced Schneider Electric’s (Easy 9) Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCB) that detect even a small ‘current to earth’ (earth leakage) in one’s premises, automatically tripping and disconnecting electricity supply to the premises/ equipment. On detection, the RCCB immediately trips, thus preventing potential wastage of electricity and accidents,” it added.

The discom also said that under section 42 of the Central Electricity Act it is mandatory for all consumers having an electricity load of 2 kilowatt (KW) and above, to have an RCCB or ELCB installed in their premises

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