Bobby Deol’s poetic tribute to Covid-19 fighters

Mumbai, May 4 (IANS) Actor Bobby Deol has recited a poem as tribute to Covid-19 warriors.

In the video shot at home by his younger son Dharam Deol, Bobby recites “Chand roz ki baat hai yaaron”. The poem is conceptualised by Sanjay Masoomm.

“It makes me very happy to be associated with this positivity, and I appreciate the way this situation has made us all join hands and come together. Who knew that social distancing could bring people together, with all of us checking up on one another and being there for people emotionally, if not in person,” said Bobby.

“Although these are tough times faced by everyone around the world, it is heart-warming to see how this has brought us together to fight against a common enemy. We can all be a part of this noble fight by just staying at home and being supportive of our frontline warriors,” he added, referring to police force, doctors, nurses, soldiers and NGOs feeding the needy.

Said Sanjay Masoomm: “Chand Roz Ki Baat Hai Yaron' is just our way of showing respect and lending hope and encouragement to all these Covid warriors who are working day and night to keep us safe, while we stay locked inside our houses. This time of crisis also highlights our biggest strength – unity in diversity – and it was important to underline it.”

“When I wrote the lines, I wanted someone whose voice will add weight to them. I have worked with Bobby Deol in several films and I know he's not only got a powerful voice but also a heart of gold. He's a very emotional man and his voice will help this ode reach out to more people. Bobby has read it out wonderfully with all the feeling and emotions,” he added.



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