B’luru: Man thrashes wife over suspicion of infidelity

Bengaluru, July 9 (IANS) An enraged and possessive 75-year-old city man thrashed his wife, breaking her arm in the process as he suspected her fidelity, a women's counseling official said on Thursday.

“The 75-year-old man thrashed his wife because he suspected his wife was having an affair with their 34-year-old tenant,” a counsellor at Parihar, a women's helpline told IANS.

Parihar is an NGO which works with the Bangalore Police Commissioner's office. The NGO comes to the aid of women and children who need immediate rescue, police support, counselling, short stay facilities, medical, psychiatric and legal aid.

Incidentally, the trouble started when the tenant's wife went to her hometown for delivery, leaving the young man alone in the rented home.

The landlord's wife and a grandmother of two used to visit the tenant everyday and cook for him which finally enraged her old husband, leading to the thrashing.

“She used to go to the tenant's home and cook for him everyday as his pregnant wife had gone home for delivery,” said the counsellor.

According to the Parihar official, the incident took place in June but right now things are okay and peaceful with the old couple, following some counselling from the women's helpline.

“That lady was not interested in giving a complaint because he is very old and had taken care of her very well all through except for being very possessive of his wife,” said the official.

Instead of lodging a police complaint and making it a public spectacle, the old woman wanted Parihar to warn and counsel the possessive husband and she herself was also seeking some emotional support.

“She called us as we do tele-counselling. She wanted our help and emotional support to face the situation. Then we spoke to the husband also, he agreed that he was very possessive of her,” said the official.

The old man could not tolerate his wife being an extrovert, talking to everybody and trying to help all.

“The husband admitted that he beat her in anger because that lady was an extrovert and used to talk to everybody and lend helping hand to them. Ask her to be at home only, not to go anywhere,” said the official.

Sparing her husband from running from pillar to post around police stations and courts, the woman also did not want to make her problem public.

She wanted the counsellers to warn and advice her husband and to promise that he will not manhandle her again.

On a happy note, the Jayanagar couple is together right now without a police case and the counsellor said the problem has been solved.



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