Blockchain, AI jobs growing fast in India: LinkedIn

New Delhi, Dec 10 (IANS) Blockchain developers, artificial intelligence specialists and JavaScript developers are the top three emerging jobs in India for 2020, according to a report by professional networking platform LinkedIn.

While tech jobs led the list, non-tech jobs, like customer success specialist, digital marketing specialist and lead generation specialist, had also seen significant rise on this year’s list, said the “Emerging Jobs 2020 Report”.

“This year’s Emerging Jobs report is a window to the changing landscape of the Indian economy. The country is seeing a rise in digital transactions, and therefore industries are ramping up investments in Blockchain,” Ruchee Anand, Head of Talent Solutions and Learning Solutions – India, LinkedIn, said.

While tech jobs ruled the list, soft skills, like account management and customer retention, had also become critical, Anand said and added, it underscored the importance of human intervention at every level of digitisation.

LinkedIn has crunched data from billions of interactions of the platform’s 62 million members in India to establish the fastest growing jobs in the Indian talent market.

Robotic process automation consultant, back-end developer, growth manager, site reliability engineer, robotics engineer (software), cybersecurity specialist and Python developer are among the other top emerging jobs.

Bengaluru was the top talent hub for the creation of these jobs, said the report.

The report highlights 19 key industries that are hiring for these emerging jobs. Of this, information technology & services, computer software, and Internet are the top three industries, driving the demand in the Indian market.

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