Asus rolls out Android 13 update for Zenfone 9; check details

Taiwanese multinational tech company Asus has started rolling out the Android 13 update to the Asus Zenfone 9 handset.

The change log for the update, arriving with a build number of 33.0804.2060.65, includes a slew of updates for Asus' own apps and a number of system functions.

According to the release note, the latest Android 13 update from Asus includes:-

  • Please back up your data before upgrading to Android 13. If you want to downgrade your device’s software version to Android 12 by the official software package, it will erase all data from your device’s internal storage.
  • Upgraded system to Android 13.
  • Revamped Mobile Manager, Contacts, Phone, Emergency Dialer, File Manager, Calculator, Clock, Gallery, Weather, Sound recorder, Settings, Data Transfer, Local backup, and other Asus apps.
  • Adjusted Quick Settings panel, notification tray, and volume panel to Android 13 design.
  • Added the notification permission feature. You can adjust the permission of each app in the Apps & notifications Settings.
  • The system clipboard added “Auto delete” and editor features.
  • Added the QR code scanner option for the lock screen shortcut feature, and the “Control from locked device” feature in the Security & lock screen setting.
  • If the Bedtime option is set up in Digital Wellbeing, the system color scheme can now be set to automatically switch with the bedtime option.
  • Adjusted the Vibration & haptic strength setting, Display and font size setting, and the width/length of the navigation white bar when choosing gesture navigation.
  • Changed to the Blocked numbers setting in Phone to stock behavior. You will not receive calls or texts from blocked numbers.
  • Removed the Call duration setting.
  • Added the Themed icons option in the Wallpaper & style setting Support more color combinations.
  • Added “link quick share” feature in ASUS Launcher.
  • Added Asus customization preferences setting. Allows applying the collection of commonly used customization settings with one click.
  • Removed the ‘Calm' and ‘Elegant' options in the Power button menu style setting. Add the display item management option to allow the user to control the number of buttons in the menu.
  • Adjusted the design of the dial pad and contacts details page in the Phone app to display information more clearly.

However, the release note also mentions that some third-party apps may not currently be compatible with Android 13.

Asus Zenfone 9 users who wish to check if their devices have received the update could do so by navigating to Settings > System > System Updates.

As per the report, the Asus Zenfone 8 series has been lined up as the next smartphone to start receiving the Android 13 update. According to Asus' timeline, the update should start rolling out from January 2023 onwards.

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