Andhra man accidentally hangs self during video call with wife

Amaravati, May 5 (IANS) A man, who wanted to threaten his wife working in Kuwait by attempting suicide on a video call, accidentally hanged himself.

The tragic incident occurred in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh on Monday, police said.

G. Ganesh (35), a resident of Malakapalli village in Tallapudi ‘mandal' (block) of the district, wanted his wife working in Kuwait to return home. While on a video call with her, he again asked her to come back.

Family members told police that the couple had strained their relationship. They had an argument during the video call. In order to threaten her that he would end his life if she refused to return, the man stood on a cot and tied a noose around his neck and tied the other end of the rope to the fan.

However, while threatening his wife he slipped and accidentally hanged himself.

Police shifted the body to government hospital at Kovvur and registered a case. A police officer said they have taken up the investigation based on the video call recorded in Ganesh's mobile phone and the couple's conversation. Police were also questioning their family members.

While there have been few incidents of people killing themselves during video call with their spouses or lovers, this was a freak incident in which the man's attempt to threaten suicide proved costly for him.

In April last year, a youth in Tirupati while enacting a prank suicide over a video call fell victim to it. The 25-year-old had made a video call to his friend living in the same town saying he was going to commit suicide by hanging himself to the ceiling fan. As the youth was addicted to liquor, his friend did not take him seriously. While tying a noose with a saree around his neck, he accidentally hanged himself.



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