Amazon Messaging Assistant Now Available In Hindi To Ease Shopping

Amazon Automated Messaging Assistant Is Actually Made For Android Users.

Amazon India has launched its automated messaging assistant in Hindi. The new system is a chatbot powered by Amazon's Artificial Intelligence platform.

The new massaging assistant will help customers to get their queries resolved in the language of their preference. According to the report, the new development is aimed to help customers visiting Amazon India by enabling a seamless and friendly conversational experience.

The new Hindi chat experience is initially available on Amazon India Android app. However, the company has not yet to confirm when the Hindi language will be available for the iOS app.

According to the company, With this launch, Amazon India aims to break the language barrier and provide a hassle-free support service to its customers.

When customers interact with our Automated Messaging Assistant, it first predicts the most likely issue they are trying to contact us for, post which customers can ask questions related to their issue and receive faster resolutions. Amazon said in the statement.

The new chat assistant in Hindi underlines our commitment to serving the next 100 million Indians to discover and shop with Amazon, said Akshay Prabhu, Director, Customer Service, Amazon India, in the statement. We also see opportunities for scaling the messaging assistant as a contact channel —to increasingly resolving issues before a customer service associate is even involved.

If you want to access the Automated Messaging Assistant in Hindi through your Amazon Android app, you will first need to change your language preferences to Hindi. Then, you need to press the menu icon and select your language. After doing this, when you going to take the Customer Service on Amazon, the Automated Messaging Assistant in Hindi will be visible.

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