Amazon India to train individuals with autism

Bengaluru, Sep 26 (IANS) Amazon India on Thursday announced its partnership with a non-governmental organisation (NGO) – Sol’s ARC – to launch an industry first pilot programme to train young adults with autism and intellectual disabilities.

This programme will enable their successful integration into the workforce and help them gain financial independence. will work closely with Sol’s ARC to create internship opportunities for them across different parts of its fulfilment network.

Through the course of the programme, the NGO would also help create awareness among Amazon employees about autism and intellectual disabilities.

“We are excited about our partnership with Sol’s ARC as it will help us to enable young adults with autism and intellectual disabilities build a career as well as a financially independent life,” said Swati Rustagi, Director of Human Resources, Amazon India Operations.

“We are focused on creating a diverse and inclusive workforce, and this programme is a critical step in that direction,” she said.

Sol’s ARC builds programmes which are centered on equitable learning opportunities across the country.

“Through this pilot internship program, we look forward to create sustainable employment opportunities for these young adults,” said Sonali Saini, founder, Sol’s ARC.

More than 350 associates who are deaf with speech disabilities are part of the Amazon network across the country’s fulfilment centres, sortation centres and delivery stations.

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