Amazon executive promotes Echo Buds wearing AirPods

San Francisco, Sep 26 (IANS) Dave Limp, Senior Vice-President of Devices and Services, Amazon, was spotted wearing Apple AirPods while promoting his firms newly-launched Echo Buds in a video interview.

“You’d think that Limp would want to be seen in Amazon’s new Echo Buds, but that’s seemingly not the case. The slip-up was first spotted by John Paczkowski on Twitter, and you can see the video for yourself here,” 9to5Mac reported on Wednesday.

In the video, the Amazon executive is spotted wearing a single AirPod in his right ear while talking about the Echo Buds and other Alexa-enabled products launched by the retail giant.

“We regularly see Apple competitors using Apple products, namely through companies and celebrities tweeting promotions for Android devices using iPhones,” it said.

Amazon’s Echo Buds offer five hours of battery life, touch controls and noise cancellation developed in partnership with Bose.

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