Alexa to help bosses utilise meeting rooms better

Las Vegas, Dec 4 (IANS) Amazon Alexa for Business will now have end of meeting reminders, will let employees know about the availability of rooms and alert bosses how the rooms are being used.

Alexa will prompt employees to wrap up when their meeting is coming to an end.

In the Alexa for Business console, you can choose the timing of the reminder (3, 5, or 10 minutes left).

“You also can select what the reminder sounds like – you can have Alexa wake up and say ‘time check’ or ‘5 minutes left’, or just have the device play a sound to indicate the end of the meeting,” the company announced on the sidelines of AWS ‘re: Invent’ conference here.

With intelligent room release, Alexa for Business will release a room’s calendar when a meeting isn’t checked into within a selected time period.

“Meeting rooms are expensive investments for any company. With Alexa for Business’s room utilization metrics, you can learn if your investment is paying off, and how your rooms are being used,” the company added.

These features are currently available in Alexa for Business in the US-East region and integrate with Office365 and G-Suite calendar systems.

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