Akshay is Twinkle’s ‘driver from Chandni Chowk’!

Mumbai, March 29 (IANS) Author-entrepreneur Twinkle Khanna was driven to the hospital by her actor husband Akshay Kumar, whom she called her “driver from Chandni Chowk”. The jocular quip was a reference to the fact that Akshay grew up in the Old Delhi locality of Chandni Chowk.

Twinkle took to Instagram, where she shared a video of herself along with Akshay.

In the clip, Akshay can be seen driving while wearing a mask as Twinkle sits besides him and films the scene from inside her car.

Twinkle captioned the video: “Deserted roads all the way back from the hospital. Please don't be alarmed, I am not about to kick the bucket

because I really can't kick anything at all.”

In the video, she also assured fans that she wasn't in hospital owing to the coronavirus scare but because she broke a foot. She shared a glimpse of the heavily-bandaged foot.

The video currently has over 350K likes on Instagram.



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