AI Express crash: Agency hired to recover passengers’ baggage

Chennai, Aug 10 (IANS) Air India, and its subsidiary Air India Express, have engaged the services of a baggage recovery agency to recover the belongings of the passengers of the crashed Dubai-Kozhikode flight.

The Air India Express flight skidded off the runway while landing at the Kozhikode Airport on Friday evening, fell 35 feet into the valley below and broke into two, leaving 18 people on board dead and several injured.

In a statement, Air India Express said the Emergency Response Team of Air India and Air India Express have contracted the services of Kenyon International which specialises in recovery of baggage.

The airline said Kenyon's expertise lies in identification of the baggage through advanced technology, in case of a major accident.

The restoration of the personal belonging of the passengers will be done with the help of ‘Angels of Air India', a special group of grief counsellors rushed to the accident site.



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