Aditya Narayan: Promoting independent music is difficult

New Delhi, April 18 (IANS) Singer Aditya Narayan, who has come out with his own track “Main dooba rahoon”, says the more he promotes his independent music the more he realises how difficult it is to make a breakthrough.

“It's really difficult to make independent music. My heart goes out to all independent musicians, who are not known by a large chunk of peopleFor me it has been a lot easier because I have been working for a long time and people know me. The more I promote my independent music the more I realise actually how difficult is to (make a) breakthrough because In, a nutshell everything costs money and an aspiring musician obviously doesn't have a lot of it.

“I was also an aspiring musician when my songs in ‘Ram-Leela' had released.The songs from the film and the songs did really well…”

Aditya said he did not sit back after that instead he did look for more opportunities which did not materialise.

“That's when I kind of realised that I wont rely on music for anyone or my career. If I get it good and If I don't get it then also good. But that's when I created music for myself. I created my own band. The A-Team,” he added.

He said that his latest release “Main Dooba Rahoon” is actually a six-year-old song.

“We made this in 2014 just after I finished just ‘Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela' released and I formed my band… I could always imagine a beach video because the song was “Main Dooba Rahun”… When I saw the budget I realised that budget was very high. But then soon TV started throwing a lot of offers at me. One needs to earn money…”

After hosting a lot of television shows, Aditya said he finally had enough money to make a music video for “Main Dooba Rahoon”, which has currently over a whopping seven million views on YouTube in just five days of its release.

“I realised that I have enough money to fuel my dreams and make few music videos and market it… Last year, I went to Maldives and shot two music videos there…But ‘Main Dooba Rahoon' was my priority video. It is a long 6 year old dream coming true for me,” he said.

Aditya shared that all proceeds of the songs go to charity.

“It goes to PM-CARES fund for the fight against COVID-19. I am not doing this for the money. So if you are watching my video or listening to the song on any app or YouTube, you're not just entertaining yourself. You're making a little difference. We are seeing such grey times right now so I thought let me do something good. It makes me feel good from within as I am not just pushing my song but it is also for a good cause.”



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