Aarya’s title track ‘Bade Achhe Lagte Hain’ a song for every human emotion

Hotstar Specials series Aarya, a latest family crime drama, has been receiving rave reviews from viewers across the country.

Sushmita Sen and Chandrachur Singh playing a leading role in this web series and it is created by Ram Madhvani. Aarya premiered on Disney+Hotstar on June 19.

Sushmita Sen has played the role of Aria Titular in the show. She is the mother of three children and the wife of a businessman, she played Chandrachur Singh, who was shot in broad daylight. He took over his drug business (illicit opium business) and did everything to protect his three children.

Incidentally, the title of the song ‘Bara Halelegte Hai' has given a special feature to the listeners. The series’ nostalgic soundtracks are now available for listeners across different music streaming platforms like Spotify, JioSaavn, and Hungama.

The series seamlessly blends 70s music in a new-age world to capture one of the lead character Tej Sareen's love for old music and his wife Aarya's (played by Sushmita Sen) fondest memories of him.

Aarya Web Series Is Creted By Ram Madhvani

Speaking about the usage of the track Bade Ache Lagte Hain ahead of the partnership, director Ram Madhvani says, “We have used Bade Ache Lagte Hain in the script keeping in mind that Tej’s character loves old Hindi music. This song is an absolute hit with viewers of all ages for its nostalgic and sentimental value. It is mellifluous and brings out so many emotions. We wanted to strike an emotional chord with the audience with this music and decided to make it stand out by using it in a diametrically opposite fashion to the actual scene. For example, you hear this song when Tej’s life fades away, when their puppy Mango dies, or when the kids are re-watching their father’s video. These are scenes of immense loss, fear, and pain, but we have used a song that brings an endearing feeling for someone close to you. The idea was to drive this song into every human emotion one may feel while watching the series and create a lasting impact through the journey and to keep Tejalive without resorting to the crutches flashbacks. We used a nostalgic song to keep his memory alive .”

The background score of Aarya and the themes in the soundtrack have been composed and produced by Vishal Khurana and co-produced by Siddhanth Madhvani.


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