90+ My Tuition App Launches Virtual Labs to Encourage Students’ Scientific Temperament

Mumbai, India: 90+ My Tuition App has announced the launch of virtual labs to help students understand difficult scientific concepts in a fun and engaging way. The company initially launched the program as a pilot project during the pandemic last year, but after receiving positive feedback, it has decided to go ahead with a full launch. The virtual lab provided by 90+ My Tuition App covers a variety of subjects ranging from Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics. Virtual labs aim at bringing practical lab experience right to any student’s study desk

The program is open to 5 lakhs+ students currently, and some of the Virtual Lab content is also freely available on its YouTube page. Recently, on the occasion of National Science Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged startups to come forth with innovative ideas like virtual labs to help build scientific temperament among young students. Online education has emerged as a boon during the pandemic, and even in the union budget 2022, the central government had emphasized online, accessible education with the launch of 200 TV channels for supplementary education.

Vingish Vijay, Founder & Creator of 90+ My Tuition App says, “Early years are the most essential period in a student's learning age. Providing them with simplified and fun scientific concepts will enhance their knowledge and encourage them to learn more about different concepts building a scientific temperament from a young age. Which can eventually result in them choosing the STEM field as their career option The bigger problem that we are trying to solve through these virtual labs is that students can practice subject-based concepts multiple number of times even in the absence of access to a physical practical lab”

Recently, 90+ My Tuition App also launched ‘90+ Connect’, which is an initiative to produce young edupreneurs. In which the company will provide them with needful resources and guidance. 90+ My Tuition App is an edtech startup founded by Vingish Vijay in 2018 with the aim of educating India affordably. The company offers CBSE and 14 state board curriculum tuition at a competitive price. Because of its high-quality, affordable services, the firm was successful in attracting over five lakh subscribers in its first year. Owing to the immense success it received in the country, it has expanded its services to CBSE students in the GCC nations.

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