90+ My Tuition App Launches ‘College Connect’ for college students

Mumbai, India: 90+ My Tuition App, a burgeoning Indian Edtech start-up, has announced the launch of its new “College Connect” initiative. Which aims to target students pursuing their MBA and B.Tech degrees and help them start their entrepreneurial journey. As part of the College Connect initiative, the company will provide new graduates with assistance and resources to assist them in accomplishing their goals. The program will be taken to different colleges whereby participating in a contest students can be enrolled in the program.

The initiative is in line with 90+ connect, an initiative of 90+ My Tuition App launched in February 2022, that targeted young individuals currently working in the Edtech space with entrepreneurial aspirations. The company has decided to launch the College Connect program based on the positive feedback received for 90+ connect while on their mission of creating EduPreneurs. The pilot of the program has already begun with a few colleges and has seen participation from multiple numbers of students.

Speaking on the launch of this new initiative, Mr. Smijay Gokuldasan, CEO, of 90+ My Tuition App said, “Considering the innovative difference that millennials bring anywhere they go, we felt that creating entrepreneurial opportunities for them is extremely important in order to support them in bringing a noticeable difference to the society. I am glad to inform you all about our new project College Connect which has been created specifically for young talents to explore the entrepreneurial world. 90+ My Tuition App aspires to provide all of these dreamers the chance to realize their ambitions.”

Recently, 90+ My Tuition App won Edu-Tech Icon of the Year at Twentyfour Brand Awards for its best-in-class services. 90+ My Tuition App also launched its Virtual lab after Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged startups to come up with virtual labs to encourage scientific temperament in young students. 90+ My Tuition App is an edtech startup founded by Vingish Vijay in 2018 with the aim of educating India affordably. The company offers CBSE and 14 state board curriculum tuition at a competitive price. Because of its high-quality, affordable services, the firm was successful in attracting over five lakh subscribers in its first year. Owing to the immense success it received in the country, it has expanded its services to CBSE students in the GCC nations.

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