71% urban Indians say pay parity for women will come in 2020

New Delhi, Jan 16 (IANS) Seventy one per cent of urban Indians are confident there will be pay parity for women (paid the same as men for the same work) in 2020, whereas only 44 per cent of global citizens are hopeful of the same, a survey by market research firm Ipsos said on Thursday.

“The survey provides a panoramic view of what is likely to dominate global events and it is a good opportunity for countries to be mindful of what the citizens are thinking, bang in the beginning of the year, and address their concerns and measure up to their expectations,” Amit Adarkar, CEO India and APAC Operations Director, Ipsos, said in a statement.

While 83 per cent of Indians surveyed are bullish about the performance of the global economy in 2020, only half of global citizens echo a similar view.

Interestingly, 82 per cent urban Indians foresee people around the world spending more time online than watching TV, while 78 per cent of global citizens polled hold a similar view.

While 72 per cent of urban Indians say they will be watching more TV from streaming services as opposed to cable/satellite or over the air, half of global citizens (50 per cent) cited a similar preference for this year.

There is overestimation seen for self-driving cars among urban Indians — 61 per cent urban Indians predict, self-driving cars (autonomous vehicles) will be usual sightings on the streets of their cities (only 36 per cent global citizens foresee this happening).

Almost half of urban Indians (48 per cent) predict the re-election of US President Donald Trump, while 35 per cent of global citizens too feel the same.

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