55% Indian students enjoyed virtual classes amid lockdown: Survey

New Delhi, June 16 (IANS) At least 55 per cent Indian school students using the online learning platform Brainly have enjoyed virtual classes amidst the Covid-19 lockdown and more than one-third of the participants are looking forward to online learning, a new survey revealed on Tuesday.

The survey by Brainly conducted on 2,636 individuals belonging to all major cities, showed that 42.5 per cent of students will continue to learn online even after the schools reopen.

While less than one-third of students at 28.7 per cent users said they can't decide and are still considering online learning as an option.According to the data, only 38.7 per cent of students were comfortable joining schools as soon as the lockdown reopens, followed closely by 34 per cent of those who are still reluctant and unable to commit the same.

The survey also revealed that 53.3 per cent of students prefer having a mix of both online and offline education after the schools resume operations.However, 27.7 per cent would not want a hybrid learning model while 19 per cent are yet to decide.

Online learning is fast emerging as an accessible and reliable source of learning for students and their parents. However, as a large nation with a sizable population, network issues in remote areas and uneven internet penetration can pose connectivity issues. And according to the company, 38.7 per cent of Bainly students admitted facing challenges in getting schooled remotely while 34.9 per cent did not have any issue and online learning for them was a smooth experience.



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