38 Delhi policemen track down a blackmailer from Rajasthan

New Delhi, Aug 19 (IANS) A team of 38 Delhi police personnel tracked down a criminal from Rajasthan who was blackmailing a Delhi woman and threatening to upload her personal photographs on the internet if she failed to deposit Rs 2 lakh in his Paytm account.

According to police the blackmailer found the photographs from a mobile which had been snatched from the victim's friend in Noida.

The complainant had registered a complaint at Adarsh Nagar police station in Delhi, that an unknown person was trying to extort money from her by threatening to upload her photos that were found in her friend's mobile which was robbed on July 28 in Noida. The accused also provided a Paytm account number for depositing the extortion amount.

During the course of investigation, the robbed mobile of the complainant's friend and the mobile numbers used by the alleged caller were put under technical surveillance. Information was sought on the Paytm Account and analysed. The technical surveillance revealed that the said mobile numbers were issued on different IDs of Odisha but the location of mobile numbers was traced to Village Kawan Ka Baas in Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

Three policemen were immediately sent to Rajasthan to gather local intelligence. The location of the accused persons was traced and with the help of local police in district Bharatpur recce of the area was done.

On August 17 in late evening hours, a raiding party consisting of 38 police personnel headed by Inspector Rajender Singh of Adarsh Nagar police station was sent to Deeg, Bharatpur, Rajasthan with support from local police in Deeg, Rajasthan.

“On Tuesday in the early morning hours, a joint raid was conducted at village Kawan Ka Baas, PS Khoh, Deeg, Bharatpur, Rajasthan, by raiding party of North-West Distt, Delhi Police and local police of PS Khoh and accused namely Junaid, a resident of Village Kawan Ka Baas, Khoh, Distt., Bharatpur, Rajasthan, aged about 22 years was arrested,” said DCP North West Vijayanta Arya.

The accused admitted his involvement in the case and said that he is the user of the alleged mobile number and Paytm account.

“The mobile phone having same IMEI number on which given Paytm account number was active and 4 SIM cards issued on fake ID of Agra, UP through which he used to transfer the amount of his Paytm Wallet to his fake bank account were recovered from his possession,” the officer said.

He was arrested by the team and during sustained interrogation, he also disclosed the name of the alleged caller who talked to the complainant who is also the resident of the same village and is still at large. The accused Junaid also disclosed that he also indulged in online Olx fraud with his brother and other members of the same village. They used to purchase stolen mobile phones and fake SIM cards from Jurahera, Bharatpur, near the Haryana border.



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